Global Footprint

ELEKTRISOLA is a true global producer of fine enamelled wires with 9 plants in the 3 most important continents for the automotive and the electrical industry using the same state-of-the-art machines to produce the same high quality standard.

Advantages of Elektrisola Global Footprint

1. Worldwide supply of identical quality

  • same management of ownership
  • same products
  • same in-house designed machines
  • same processes
  • same work instructions
  • same quality approvals (ISO, IATF)
  • same UL-approvals
  • same test procedures
  • ideal for global projects
2. Safety of supply
  • easy backup of other Elektrisola plants with identical products

3. Local production and supply

  • fast and efficient delivery
  • local currency
  • local sales and service

4. Local service

  • local engineering support for R&D and process improvement
  • fast working as in the same time zone
  • easy communication in local language
  • assistance for global projects with local production

5. Environment friendly

  • short transportation distances
  • local spool recycling
  • worldwide system for emission control (sniff during your visit)

Elektrisola Locations

Sale office