Litz Wire with Strain Relief


Some of the ultrafine litz wires are impacted by high mechanical forces during further processing and over their lifetime. Litz wire constructions starting from an available single conductor diameter of 0.01 mm (AWG 58) can be designed implementing strain reliefs to improve the resistivity of the litz wire against tensile stress. It is typically used in applications where litz wire is used not wound in a coil, but used like a cable.

Features and benefits of litz wires with strain

  • Excellent increase of tensile strength and flex life performance
  • Different strain relief materials can be selected for individual applications
  • Protection of super fine litz wires against mechanical stress
  • Strain reliefs can be used in all other litz wire constructions

Properties of litz wires with strain relief

Comparison of properties with a typical litz wire

Technical values of strain relief materials

Materials Polyester
Gram per 10,000 m dtex 30 110 110
Tensile strength N 1.5 29.6 26.7
Elongation % 9.8 3.3 3.9
Gram per 10,000 m dtex 450 440 420
Tensile strength N 29.4 99.2 49.7
Elongation % 12.4 3.4 4.2

Dimensions of litz wire with strain relief


Diameter of single wire 0.020 - 0.500 mm
Number of single wires 2 - 5,000 pcs
Outer diameter of litz wire 0.020 - 2.5 mm