Smartbond Litz Wire


Products for multimedia applications are increasingly equipped with wireless charging devices. ELEKTRISOLA's Smartbond OSP18 has been developed to meet the needs of these specific charging systems. This self-bonding litz wire combines excellent bond strength with good windability, fast soldering, and very good hot air bonding characteristics.

The hot air bonding process is environmentally friendly compared to solvent bonding process, allows faster winding, and has potential for process automation. Very thin coils can be produced with Smartbond`s unique construction giving additional space for designers or to help to achieve miniaturization goals.

Features and benefits of Smartbond litz wires

  • excellent bonding strengths with hot air bonding
  • high winding speed
  • solderable without pre-stripping of insulation
  • environmentally friendly automated process due to elimination of solvents
  • thin walled overcoat allows small coils
  • customized wall thickness possible per customer specification

Technical properties of Smartbond litz wire

Standard Litz Wire Served Litz Wire Selfbonding Litz Wire Smartbond
Stability of coil - good medium good
Flexibility / windability soft more stiff soft soft
Bonding process - solvent hot air hot air
Mechanical protection avg good avg good
Surface and haptic - rough avg smooth
Second adhesion step
without additional adhesion
no no limited yes

Diameter of litz wire and copper fill factor


Diameter of single wires 0.020 - 0.500 mm
Outer diameter of litz wires 0.500 - 3.500 mm


  • transmitter coil for wireless charging
  • receiver coil for wireless charging
  • wireless power charger
  • coreless coils in different applications