AConductor,Litz = total conductor cross section of litz wire
Ages,Litz = total cross section of litz wire
ODLitz = outer diameter of litz wire
ODBundle = outer diameter of bundle
nsw = number of single wires
Øsw = nominal diameter of single wire
VF = bunching factor
SL = length of lay (bunching length)
SR = pitch (bunching) direction
RDC = DC resistance
RAC = AC resistance
f = frequency
ρ = specific resistance of conductor
µO = permeability of free space
δ = skin depth
J = current density
UBDV = breakdown voltage
b = width of winding window
h = height of winding window
NW,tot = total number of windings
NL = number of winding layers
NW,L = number windings per layer
FillLitz = copper filling factor of litz wire
FillWin = copper filling factor of winding window
ne = recommended total number of single wires
n1,max = number of single wires of basic bundle in 1st bunching step
k = constant according Ch. R. Sullivan