Copper Magnet Wire and Related Products

Reels with Copper Magnet Wire The main product of Elektrisola is copper magnet wire, also referred to as winding wire. Besides copper, Elektrisola also produces other products such as aluminum magnet wire, copper clad aluminum magnet wire, etc. (see Conductor Materials)








Product Variety shows the large number of potential product variations of magnet wire with: 

  • diameters ranging from 0,010 to 0,50 mm, which translates to 58 - 24 AWG in North America. Wire thinner than 0,04 mm or 46 AWG is typically called ultrafine wire.
  • enamels such as Polyurethane, Polyesterimide, Polyamidimide, Polyimide of different temperature classes and selfbonding enamel [bondable]

Production Flow explains the production basics of magnet wire.

Quality shows the quality systems such as ISO 9000 or TS16949 and the respective certificates.

Applications give examples of typical products made with magnet wire.