Copper Magnet Wire acc. to NEMA


Product-NamePolysol155Polysol-N 155Polysol 180Estersol 180Amidester 200Amidester210
General Descriptionmod. Polyurethanemod. Polyurethane/ Polyamide overcoatmod. PolyurethanePolyesterimideTheic-mod. PolyesterimideA200 + PolyamidimidePolyamidimidearomatic Polyimide
IEC (including the following norms)IEC 60317-20, IEC 60317-4IEC 60317-19, IEC 60317-21IEC 60317-51,IEC 60317-20IEC 60317-23, IEC 60317-3/8IEC 60317-8IEC 60317-13IEC 60317-57, IEC 60317-26IEC 60317-46, 60317-7
NEMA (including the following norms)MW 79, MW 2, MW 75MW80, MW28MW 82, MW79, MW75MW 77, MW 5, MW 26MW 74, MW 5, MW 30MW35, MW73MW 81MW 16
UL-approvalyesyesyesyesyesyesyesno, JW 1177
Diameters available0,010 - 0,50 mm0,010 - 0,50 mm0,010 - 0,50 mm0,010 - 0,50 mm0,010 - 0,50 mm0,015 - 0,50 mm0,020 - 0,50 mm0,015 - 0,50 mm, ex USA
Diameters available56 - 24 AWG56 - 24 AWG56 - 24 AWG56 - 24 AWG56 - 24 AWG56 - 24 AWG52 - 24 AWG56 - 24 AWG
PropertiesVery good solderability and high thermal properties.Very good solderability with high thermal properties.Good solderability at 370°C and elevated thermal valuesSolderable at high temperatures, high thermal properties and good chemical resistance.Very high thermal properties and good chemical resistance.Very high thermal properties and high mechanical resistanceHigh thermal properties, good chemical resistance<p>Excellent thermal properties, excellent chemical and high radiation resistance</p>
ApplicationsSmall transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock coils, watch coils, transformers, magnetic heads, instrumentsAppliance motors, encapsulated coils, solenoids, transformers, toroids.Automotive coils as relays and ignition coils, transformers and solenoidsSmall motors, small transformers, automotive coils.Motors, small motors, transformers.MotorsSmall motors, automotive sensors, solenoids, transformers<p>Extreme loads and space applications</p>

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