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The World's Largest Manufacturer of Fine Magnet Wire
AWG 24 - 58 


Elektrisola - State of the Art Producer of Fine Magnet Wire

The Elektrisola Group specializes in production of fine and ultrafine Magnet Wire and Copper Magnet Wire.  Elektrisola produces to all industry standards, such as IEC 60317, NEMA MW1000, JIS C3202 and customer specific specifications. Elektrisola produces Magnet Wire using different Conductors  such as, Copper Magnet Wire, Brass Magnet Wire, Aluminum Magnet Wire and many more. Besides Magnet Wire, Elektrisola also produces  Selfbonding Wire  (bondable magnet wire),  Litz Wire.and High Frequency Litz Wire. 

Worldwide Supply of Magnet Wire

Elektrisola has manufacturing locations throughout the world, with plants inEurope (Germany, Italy, Switzerland), America (USA and Mexico) and Asia (Malaysia and China). Along with manufacturing plants, Elektrisola has warehouses and sales offices all over the world to provide excellent service with short lead times. 

High Quality is the #1 Objective for our Magnet Wire

The production process at Elektrisola is controlled in-line, which assures consistent high quality. Elektrisola is regularly audited for its quality systems demonstrated through our many certificates (ISO, TS, Green partner etc.)

Environmental Objectives for Elektrisola

Environmental protection plays a major role in Elektrisola’s production, therefore it’s important to minimize emissions.  This is accomplished by using the most modern technology. All products are RoHS compliant, which demonstrates that Elektrisola’s Magnet Wire is environmentally friendly.

Applications for Magnet Wire

Magnet wire is used in many day to day products, very often not possible to identify directly. In general, magnet wire is used to generate electrical fields in order to change voltage or to generate movement.  Some examples of magnet wire applications include: automotive industry for ignition coils, appliance industry for solenoids, electronic industry for transformers and motors, consumer industry for inverters or inductors, cell phones for voice coils in speakers and many more applications.