History of Elektrisola

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Foundation of Elektrisola in Germany


Elektrisola was founded on 1 July 1948 in Eckenhagen, Germany, by Dr. Gerd Schildbach. His father, Dr. Ing. Richard Schildbach, already had been in the wire industry. He produced fine resistance wires and held the world record in drawing the finest wire (0.008 mm) in 1938. Based on this wire drawing knowledge, Dr. Gerd Schildbach started to design and build his own fine wire enameling machines. This own developed process technology later became a major contributor for the rapid growth of the Elektrisola fine wire production worldwide.



 Founder Dr. Gerd Schildbach 1948        First Building in Eckenhagen, Germany, 1949



Italy: The first factory outside Germany


Expanding to new markets resulted in establishing Elektrisola Atesina, located in the Alp mountains in the German-speaking part of Northern Italy, starting production in 1964.

Elektrisola Atesina I, Molini di Tures, Italy


First factory in EFTA economic area


Between 1957 and 1960, Europe had been divided into 2 different blocks, EWG (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg and The Netherlands), which became EU in 1993, and EFTA (Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland), with duties levied for trading between those blocks. In order to serve customers in the EFTA zone, Elektrisola Feindraht, Switzerland, was founded in 1968.

Elektrisola Feindraht AG, Escholzmatt, Switzerland


Wire drawing factory in Italy


For expansion of the Italian production a second plant 15 km away from the first one started production in 1973 to have better access to workers close by. This company is specialized in wire drawing.


Elektrisola Atesina II, Lutago, Italy


First factory outside Europe


In the 1960ties, Elektrisola had exported fine wires successfully to the U.S.A. With business growing, a plant in Boscawen, New Hampshire, was opened in 1976, which became soon the biggest fine wire factory in North America


Elektrisola Inc., Boscawen, NH, U.S.A.


First sales company of Asia


Sales to Asia became a new challenge in the 1980ties. Therefore a trading company, Elektrisola Hong Kong Ltd., was founded in Hong Kong in 1984.



First factory of Asia


To support the fast growing Asian market with local production, Elektrisola (Malaysia) started operation in 1993 near Bentong, Malaysia


Elektrisola (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Bentong, Malaysia


Generation change in Management


Dr. Gerd Schildbach passes the management of the Elektrisola Group on to his sons, Dr. Detlef and Dr. Oliver Schildbach


Dr. Detlef, Dr. Gerd and Dr. Oliver Schildbach


Sales office in Japan


With Japanese customers in Asia being major consumers of magnet wire, service at their headquarters in Japan was needed besides selling in Japan. Therefore Nippon Elektrisola was founded as a trading company in 1994 to serve the Japanese market and support Japanese based customers worldwide.



Expansion in North America with a factory in Mexico


Within North America in the late 1980ties industrial production started to move to the south of the U.S.A. and to Mexico. To supply these customers Elektrisola S.A. started operation in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, in 1995.


Elektrisola S.A. de C.V., Cuauhtémoc, Mexico


Trading Company France


After the decease of the Elektrisola agent in France, Elektrisola France took over the business of the agent northwest of Paris in 1999 as distributor and agent to sell mainly magnet wire.



Trading Company Korea


In 1999 Elektrisola Korea was established as a trading company to support the Korean market customers



First factory in China


Within emerging markets, China became very important for the electronic industry. After importing enamelled wires to China since 1982, Elektrisola Hangzhou was set up in 2005 to supply customers in China.


Elektrisola Hangzhou, P.R. China



More Sales Offices in Asia


For improving the service in Asia, the Thailand Representative Office was founded in 2005, Elektrisola Indonesia in 2006 and Elektrisola India in 2008.