Comparison of selfbonding enamel types

 Chemical base of selfbonding enamelSelfbonding typeSuitability of bonding methodsRecommended bonding conditionsFeaturesApplications
   Hot airOvenSolventElec. currentOven bonding temperatureSolvent type  
PolyvinylbutyralPolyvinylbutyralAB+++++++130°CEthanol, MethanolLow bonding temperature, wide process window, non-hygroscopic, low pricedStepping motors in quartz watches, instruments, voice coils, sensors, RFID and Transponders
PolyvinylbutyralBB----++--N/Aethanol methanolsolvent bonding type, slightly higher resoftening temperature than ABsame as AB
PolyvinylbutyralCB----++--N/AEthanol Methanolsolvent bonding type, fast dryingStepping motors, other small motors, sensors, transponder, receiver, headphones
PolyamidePolyamideFS++++++++160°CEthanol, MethanolAll bonding methods applicable, good processability, hygroscopicLoudspeakers, small motors, sensors, Transponders
PolyamideHS++++--++150-220°CN/Aexcellent hot air bonding typevoice coils (e.g. receiver), small motors, RFID coils, tag coils, optical pick up coils, spindle motors
PolyamideOS++++--++140-200°CN/Avery easy bonding, very high bonding strengthvoice coils (e.g. receiver), small motors, RFID coils, tag coils, optical pick up coils, spindle motors
PolyamidePS++++--++160°CN/AAll purpose selfbonding enamel, wide process window, high bonding strength, thermosetting applicable, non-hygroscopicInstrument coils, loudspeakers, vibration motors, sensors, receiver and speaker for mobile phones
Othersmod. PolyamideRT++++--++180-220°CN/AstiffLoudspeakers, vibration motors
mod. PolyamideST++++--++190°CN/AGood winding ability, thermosetting applicableHigh power speaker, vibration motors
mod. PolyamideTT++++++180-220°CEthanolsolvent bonding type, very good thermal properties, thermosetting possibleHigh power speaker
mod. PolyamideQT++++--+210°CN/AWide process window, high bonding strength, very high resoftening temperature, low outgassing, non-hygroscopicVCM for HDD, motors, high power speaker for mobile phones
mod. PolyesterVT--++--++270°CN/AVery high resoftening temperature, sterilisable by autoclave, UV resistantMilitary applications, space applications, medical applications

Comparison of Bonding characteristics

Hot air bonding characteristics of QT, ST and PS Enamel