Common Self Bonding Wire Types

There is a big variety of self bonding wire types available. The different base coats and self bonding overcoats are described in different standards, such as IEC 60317, NEMA MW 1000 or JIS C 3202, which sometimes still use different test methods.

Under the respective standard the typical technical values are given for the different base coats such as Polyurethane, Polyester, Polyesterimide etc. and for different bond coats such as Polyvinylbutyral, Polyamide etc.

For easier comparison of products and the evaluation of their suitability for certain applications there is a tick-box below each of the product-codes and a "Compare Selected Items" button in the precolumn of the table. When this button is klicked, only the marked items are left over and appear side by side. This view of the table is  also suitable for printing; use the options of your browser for this purpose, please.

Using the "Show all" button makes the invisible products reappear again.