Wireless Charging

 Type of product 


HF-Litz wires are used for transmitter and receiver of wireless charging devices acc. to "Qi"- Consortium, A4WP in inductive- and resonance charging systems.



Typical litz wire used


  • for low power transmitter for example: (cell phones, ≤ 5 W)

      - 105 x 0.08 mm   for conventional coils and alpha wound coils

      -   80 x 0,08 mm   for Smartbond-coating

      -   25 x 0,08 mm   for receiver coils, Smartbond-coating

      -   30 x 0,10 mm      


  •  for mid power transmitter (for example lap tops, ≥ 10 W)

       - litz wire?


  •  for high power transmitter (for example vehicles, > 10 W)

       - heavier individual wires


Type of application


at Home




at office




in car




Chargers for medical devices



Chargers for vehicles (cars, trucks, Transport)