High frequency litz wires from Elektrisola

Since 1951 Elektrisola has produced high frequency litz wire and standard litz wire in Germany. Customer support, manufacturing flexibility and short proximity to customers are very meaningful for us, which is why Elektrisola has expanded the production of high frequency litz wire to our plants in Malaysia and China over the decades.

Since inception in 1948, Elektrisola has focused its efforts continuously upon the development and production of fine and ultra-fine enameled wire and litz wire. Elektrisola has extensive experience with litz wire design and construction techniques and understands the influence of these factors upon the customer's specific litz wire processing capability and end application.


Wide range of litz wire products and unlimited litz wire design

Customized litz wire solutions are possible due to the unlimited design configurations available from:

The unique combination of these features in specific litz wire designs enables Elektrisola to offer its customers a wide range of litz wire products. Common high frequency litz wire products may be available from stock or produced to customer specification.


Litz wire applications and litz wire demands

Enamelled litz wires from Elektrisola are used in many diverse, state-of-the-art and innovative application. Elektrisola's extensive capabilities incorporating customized litz wire design, production processes, and consistent quality with short lead times provide our customers a special competitive advantage especially in rapidly developing fields of technology.


Elektrisola your partner for high frequency litz wires 

High frequency litz wires and their applications can be a technically challenging and complex subject. Elektrisola's customers can rely on a variety of comprehensive services, including specialized technical support for optimum litz wire design, short lead times for samples, production volume delivery readiness, and peerless quality assurance.