Product Variety




Copper, different brass alloys, aluminium and copper clad aluminium are the primary Conductor Materials. Values listed under Enamelled Wire / Technical Data by Size are for copper only. For other metals please refer to the relevant data sheet listed under Conductor Materials.


0,010 – 0,50 mm (58 - 24 AWG), for technical data see Technical Data by Size



Insulation:Wide range of different insulation coatings available – see Enamelled Wire Types

For self bonding wire - see Self Bonding Wire / Common Self Bonding Wire Types 


Available upon request. Helps identification, but higher priced and lower technical performance.

Spool sizes:

Different spool sizes available - see Spools and Packaging

Large spools available for increased winding productivity on automatic high speed winding machines, (0,05 mm / 44 AWG up to 20 kg per spool).


Precisely metered lubrication with very small tolerance avoids potting and taping problems, while ensuring superb windability with no wire breaks.


Above variations lead to over 30,000 different products. A huge variety is stocked throughout our different worldwide Locations.