Profiled (mechanically shaped) litz wires allow optimal utilization of available winding area due to the superior filling factor of  rectangular or square litz wire cross sections. In comparison to a standard round cross section construction, profiled litz wire can  increase the filling factor by up to 20%.

The design advantages of profiled litz wire can only be fully realized using products with consistent, precise dimensions. This dimensional stability is only possible with exact control over each process step. 


Features and Benefits


• Consistent winding and layering performance

• Induction coating hobs

• Good memory behavior

• RF transformers

• Simplified and economical production of coils

• RF transducers

• Profiled dimensions to customer specification

• E-Motors

• Increased filling factor of up to 20%

• Dimensionally stable

• Profiling also possible without any additional coatings


   Dimensions    Increasing filling factor by profiling                     
Smallest sizes (width x height)1.2 x 1.2mm
Ratio (width x height)1 : 1.7mm
Tolerance (±)0.1mm
Diameter of single wires0.020-0.500mm


     Profiling Materials

          Nylon (63)
          Polyester (PET)
          Polyethylene Naphthalat (PEN)
          Polyimide (PI)



     Other dimensions and materials on demand