Benefit from using litz wires

Highfrequency litz wires are characterized by both very good mechanical and electrical features.
By choosing an optimized design using specialized materials and bunching constructions they can be adjusted to additional demands, for example thermal and chemical properties. Thus the usage of high frequency litz wires in many applications is not only possible, but can be cost effective as well.


Applications of Elektrisola-litz wires

 HF-litz wires from Elektrisola are successfully used in many applications.

  • In the automotive area litz wires are very often used in heating applications, in electrical drives of electrical vehicles and for wireless charging of EV and handheld devices.
  • In the solar technology and photovoltaic field high frequency litz wires are used for inverters and for solar energy driven motors.
  • In the field of industrial production HF-litz wires are used in many variations for example as antennas, sensors, ID-systems, drives, generators, inverters, and any kind of supply lines and cables.
  • Even in modern kitchens  HF-litz wires from Elektrisola can be found, for example in modern induction cooking hobs or hotplates.
  • Also in medical technology Elektrisola HF-litz wires are used in many different devices and for various purposes, whether as HF-cable for hearing aids or in secondary coils of magnetic resonance imaging systems.
  • Smart textiles, in which litz wires from Elektrisola are applied for functional and stylish purpose.
  • Furthermore in wireless chargers for mobile devices which are built from coils made from enamelled single and litz wires.


Basics of the success of Elektrisola-highfrequency litz wires

The large variety of different litz wire applications creates an equally high number of technical demands for litz wire productsElektrisola supports its customer  not only in finding or developing the optimal litz wire design but can also draw on the know-how of our internally developed production technology. Therefore Elektrisola is able to completely control the quality of the HF-litz wire starting from the very first production step of the enamelled single wires to the finished high frequency litz wire. In this way it’s ensured that the products are in every respect according to the customers needs. This total control of the entire process ensures litz wire quality and performance according to the customer's needs.