Range of products

Elektrisola offers an exceptionally wide range of highfrequency litz wire products. Due to the different demands resulting from the broad field of applications there are several types of litz wire variants available.


Basic litz wire

Litz wire can be constructed for optimized heating or high frequency performance, based on the application. By carefully choosing conductor materials, number of single wires, constructions and dimensions a high number of cost efficient variants for a wide range of applications can be offered.


Served, taped and extruded litz wires

For applications with high demands for mechanical, electrical or chemical resistivity, litz wires can be additionally coated with different materials. Textile serving  gives litz wires a good form stability and robustness. Foil taping at the same time increases the electrical breakdown voltage, and extrusion coating can significantly improve the flex -life-performance. A balanced design for any given litz wire construction is needed if all of the factors are considered simultaneously.


Litz wires with profiling and litz wires with strain relief

The copper filling factor is very important for many fields of application. For optimization, high frequency litz wires can be profiled with a predefined square or rectangular shape. It is important that the quality of the single wires must not be affected by this.

Litz wires which are expected to be highly stressed by mechanical tension or bending cyles can be additionally protected by using an application specific strain relief. 


EFOLIT and Smartbond: Litz wire products for special applications

For especially high demands of electrical breakdown voltage with simultaneous demand of high mechanical stress, Elektrisola offers the VDE-certified EFOLIT product family. These litz wires with reinforced multilayer tape insulation cover different voltage- and temperature ranges.

For these applications the thermal activated bondable. For these applications the thermally activated bondable Smartbond-litz wire type has been developed by Elektrisola. These variants are available in several options and also customer specific designs.