EV (Electric Vehicle)

  • Transformers for chargers, DC-DC-converters and inverters, wireless chargers 


Chargers:      110/220/380V AC to battery, 500-600V DC 

  • High number of single wires (up to 1600 strands, of fine enamelled wires)                                                                           
  • Extruded or film insulated
  • EFOLIT Product family





DC-DC-Converter:    High voltage battery → 12 V net 

  • Litz 120 - 208 x 0.10 mm, round and profiled
  • Film insulated (EFOLIT) or extruded HF-Litz wire
  • Space/weight important, therefore compact design necessary


Drive Inverter:     battery → Drive Motor  


Interior Heating Systems



Heating Systems

  • Solid bare wire conductors (first generation)
  • Carbon fiber elements (premium/luxury cars)
  • Flexible litz wires (most common solution)

Typical Litz Wire for Interior Heating System

  • Main material fine insulated wire made of alloys such as CuNi and others
  • Low to medium high number of strands (12 to 50)
  • Enamel - Polyurethane up to 180°C
  • Outer insulation and mechanical protection by Polyamide extrusion coating 



Requirements / critical production criteria 

  • Advanced resistance performance
  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • High temperature and liquid resistance
  • No pinholes / low loop behaviour





Wireless Charging inside Cars (Comfort items)

Charging of cell phones, players etc.

Standards for Qi, A4WP and PMA still contain different frequencies. Today low power wireless charging with 5 W is standard technology and higher power output chargers with 10 - 100 W will soon come.




Typical Transmitters:

Transmitters are defined acc. to Qi-standard from Wireless Consortium. Today types A1 to A9 (actual product designs) are specified. Other designs are available from A4WP with different frequencies.



Wire used:                     Mostly litz wire 105 or 115;x 0.08 mm

Coil shape:                    Mostly round or oval

Winding layers:              2 (Alpha winding) or 1

Type of processing:       Not defined

Products used for lower power:  Litz wire with selfbonding single wires or Smartbond

Products used for higher power: 220 x 0.08 mm Smartbond