FIW Technical Values acc. to IEC 60317-56

FIW in general is an enamelled round copper wire, class 180, with a single coating based on polyurethane resin. That is why in general the specifications and Technical Data acc. to IEC 60317 for Elektrisola P180 apply.

However, due to the special demands on "solderable fully insulated zero defect" wire some of the specifications exceed the previous range. The special technical values for FIW are specified in IEC 60317-0-7 and in IEC 60317-56 and compared with the typical values of Elektrisola FIW on our IEC 60317-56 page. Elektrisola FIW certainly meets and exceeds the FIW requirements by IEC 60317-56.


FIW Technical Values acc. to IEC 60950 Annex U

Additionally there are some specific requirements regarding the test conditions for FIW in IEC 60950 (Annex U), the standard for safety and information technology equipment. Typical results of Elektrisola FIW as shown in the IEC 60950 Annex U page demonstrate, that Elektrisola FIW meets the requirements of IEC 60950 (Annex U) as well.

IEC 60950 will be replaced by IEC 62368. It was already accepted to be changed by many countries.


FIW Breakdown Voltage

Especially for specification of the minimum breakdown voltage for FIW three industry standards apply. Tables with the

      Minimum Specific Breakdown Voltage by Nominal Diameter acc. to IEC 60317-0-7 and

      Calculated Minimum Breakdown Voltage by Nominal Diameter acc. to IEC 60317-56 and

      Breakdown Voltage Calculation acc. to Transformer Standard IEC 61558-2-16

are shown on the FIW breakdown voltage page. A Tool for the Quick Selection of the Suitable FIW either by nominal diameter and FIW grade or by nominal diameter and minimum breakdown voltage, providing the corresponding minimum breakdown voltage or FIW grade respectively of the specified FIW as well as length/kg and weight/km of the FIW is offered on the same page.


FIW in stock

Several specifications of FIW are kept in stock at Elektrisola for fast delivery. The stockpiled FIW types are highlighted in the aforementioned table for IEC 60317-56 and in the table of Dimensions .