Winding Wire Production Flow


Wire Drawing Process 

Starting from copper rod (8 mm or 5/16" as an industry standard) wire is drawn through a series of dies to a finer size. Additional wire drawing equipment is utilized to draw wire to finer sizes if necessary.





Enamelling Process

1. Annealing OvenThe bare wire is annealed to achieve necessary softness of the copper.
2. Enamel Applicator

The enamel is applied in many single layers by the applicator (up to 30) to guarantee

 good adhesion of the enamel to the copper conductor and to ensure good insulation properties.

3. Curing OvenIn the oven solvents are driven out of the enamel by heat.
4. Lubrication ApplicationLubrication is applied to the finished enamel surface to obtain good slidability.
5. Laser O.D. ControlThe outer diameter is continuously controlled by laser.
6. Tension ControlThe winding tension is closely controlled.
7. SpoolingThe wire is evenly spooled on a supply spool with consistent tension.
8. MonitorMonitor provides continous production data to operator.