Partnering with our customers and offering tailor-made services is our objective. Starting with the first step of designing an optimal litz wire up to the efficient delivery of high quality products we always make sure our customers receive the utmost service.

Technical application consulting

ELEKTRISOLA‚Äôs philosophy is to be a customer's partner rather than just a supplier. Therefore, a key focus for us is litz wire related R&D and technical support. Our customers can utilize our global resources in terms of Customer Support and Application Engineering for litz wire design and Engineering Support to develop innovative and cost effective solutions for specific customer applications.



Litz Wire Handling

Mishandling of litz wire can easily cause damage to the litz wire or to the spool of the litz wire, which creates problems in dereeling.



Please handle the spools, boxes and pallets most carefully. Although the material is heavy it is nevertheless very sensitive to mishandling.


Typical damages are: 

1. Mechanical impact on the spool or spool flange which often leaves a whitish mark in the plastic of the spool. Such a hard impact could either displace the windings or cause the windings to fall down the spool. Mechanical damage of the flange can also cause wire breaks during dereeling because of rough or sharp edges on the spool flange.



2. Displacing the wire package. Displacement of the litz wire windings on the spool caused by shock loads resulting from dropping the spool or carton can cause dereeling problems from the winding pattern disruption on the spool.



3.  Fallen windings. Can be created by rough handling as described above under ref. 1 and 2. Winding will be falling into each other, creating knots followed by wire breaks.

4.  Damaged winding. Very often caused by mechanical contact of another spools during handling/transportation of a single spool or by lifting the spool from the box not vertically, and thus scraping over the edge of the box. Will create dereeling problems and damage the litz wire structure.





Looking into total system cost and system performance an optimized litz wire design can make the difference.  ELEKTRISOLA take pride in our customised litz wire constructions and our ability to create samples quickly. Just talk to us and we will gladly support you with samples on short notice that meet your needs.



Outstanding production know-how, significant production capacity, high efficiency, short communication paths and long-term experience in handing, packaging and shipping of sophisticated wire make ELEKTRISOLA the most trustworthy partner when it comes to short lead times and reliable shipments.


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