High frequency litz wire served with natural silk, polyester or nylon is characterized by an increase in mechanical performance and excellent dimensional stability. The precise serving quality guarantees a high degree of flexibility and prevents splicing during the process of cutting the litz wire and therefore allows for optimal contacting.


Features and BenefitsApplications

• Additional protection against mechanical stress

• Inverters

• Excellent dimensional and physical stability

• RF transformers

• High flexibility

• RF transceivers

• Splicing unnecessary

• RF chokes

• High thermal resistance

• Good solderable above temperatures of 375 °C

• Compliance with air gap distances

• Improved immersion


• UL 331840



Diameter of single wires10.020 - 0.3000.020 - 0.300mm
Number of single wires22 - 250002 - 25000pcs
Outer diameter of litz wires0.071 - 4.00.071 - 10.0mm

Number of layers

Serving materials*
Colorwhite, greenwhite
Termal properties
Recommended permanent use temperature110120°C
Resoftening temperature-220 - 240°C
Electrical properties
Dielectric constant1.43.4


Mechanical properties
Elongation at break (dry)13 - 2525 - 46%
Moisture absorption (65% rel. humidity, 21°C)94 - 4.5%


1 other diameters on demand 

2 depending on the number of single wires

* customized solution on demand (thermo adhesive yarns)