FIW length and FIW weight

Due to the extraordinary thickness of the insulation of FIW the length of a certain quantity of FIW and the weight of a wire with a certain length deviate remarkably from experiences with normal enamelled copper wire (see the Technical Data for IEC 60317 Grade 1 - 3 for instance).

The length of 1 kg of FIW 3 - FIW 9 for nominal diameters in the range of 0,071 - 0,710 mm - assuming nominal outer diameters acc. to IEC 60317-56 - can be looked up in the FIW length table on the next page in km/kg..

The weight of 1 km of FIW 3 - FIW 9 for the same range of nominal diameters - with nominal outer diameters acc. to IEC 60317-56 as before - can be looked up in the FIW weight table on the subsequent page in kg/km.

In both tables those variants, which are kept in stock at Elektrisola, are highlighted, so that the designer can see immediately, whether the suitable FIW is deliverable at short notice.


FIW Length/Weight Calculator

Length in km per 1 kg and weight in kg per 1 km for FIW can be retrieved along with the breakdown voltage, too, using theFIW quick selection on the dimensions page. The weight for an arbitrary length and vice versa can be retrieved using the Length/Weight Calculator underneath.

After specification of the considered FIW by picking a nominal diameter and an FIW grade from the tables offered, any weight can be typed in and the length is calculated immediately and the other way around.


Nominal Diameter [mm]Grade
Length [km]Weight [kg]