General Description

ELEKTRISOLA copper clad aluminum wire (CCAW) is a bimetallic compound consisting of an aluminum core and a concentric copper cladding. This combination of copper and aluminum provides a wire with optimum properties of both metals. The aluminum core reduces the weight of the CCAW to almost that of pure aluminum wire. Furthermore, the copper cladding increases the conductivity and provides good solderability. These properties provide a conductor optimal for high quality coils used in headphones, headsets, loudspeakers and many other applications in which coil weight reduction is desired.
Copper clad aluminum wire is available in diameters from 0.025mm to 0.500mm (AWG 50 - 24) with all insulations and self-bonding enamel types. The percentage of copper available are 10% and 15%, where 10% copper cladding is recommended for diameters above 0.100mm (AWG 38) and 15% for diameters below. For applications which require higher tensile strength HTCCA is recommended. Bare wire is available upon request.

Picture of a 0.050mm CCA Selfbonding Wire


  • Low density allows coil weight reduction
  • Easy soldering due to copper cladding
  • Higher conductivity compared to aluminum


  • Voice coils (e.g. in Headphone, Headset, ...)
  • VCM coils for HDD actuator
  • Optical pickup coils
  • Loudspeakers
  • Others

Typical values

% of copper by volume[%]1000101515
Resistance (IACS)[%]10162656862
Solderability[-]goodno conventional solderinggoodgoodgood
Tensile strength[N/mm²]220-300100-160120-180150-230210-270