Metals and alloys

If you produce speakers, motors or other special applications, Elektrisola is ideally suited to be your supplier and partner for your needs. We offer various metals with very different characteristics such as conductivity, mechanical properties, bending proof performance, temperature coefficient and corrosion resistance. Elektrisola produces enamelled and bare copper wire, aluminum wire, copper clad aluminum wire, brass wire, silver plated copper wire, silver wire, and copper nickel wire, all available from 0.010mm to 0.500mm (AWG 58 - 24). Our state-of-the-art computer integrated production technology enables us to produce specialty wires in small and large quantities with strict quality control. Our laboratory and team of application engineers supports you with technical information and evaluation of suitable wires for your products.

As your partner, ELEKTRISOLA brings you 60 years worth of metallurgy and enamelling experience.