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The World's Largest Manufacturer of Fine Magnet Wire
AWG 24 - 58



Elektrisola Leading Producer of Fine Copper Magnet Wire

The Elektrisola Group is worldwide leading as a producer of fine and ultrafine magnet wire (winding wire). It is produced and delivered corresponding to the industry standards IEC 60317, NEMA MW1000, JIS C3202 or to customer specific requirements. Besides copper magnet wire Elektrisola produces magnet wire made from many other metals  as well as selfbonding wire and litz wire.

Production of Copper Magnet Wire all over the World

Customers all over the world are supplied with magnet wire from factories in Europe, America and Asia. The short distances between the place of production and our customer allow short transportation and hereby flexible, short leadtimes.

High Quality Standard for Magnet Wire Products

The production process at Elektrisola is subject to fine-meshed control of all product and process parameters. The effectiveness of the  quality assurance measures has been confirmed by external auditors repeatedly in numerous certificates.

Environmentally Compatible Copper Magnet Wire

We are concerned, that our magnet wire is produced environmentally compatibly and containes a minimum of pollutants only. Independent laboratories confirm with their corresponding RoHS certificates, that enamelled wire from Elektrisola is compatible with the environment.

Applications for Winding Wire

Magnet wire is used in many electrical products, usually for the purpose to generate electrical fields such as in transformers and motors. Special examples are voice coils made from selfbonding  magnet wire or aluminum magnet wire for instance or injection valves made of  brass magnet wire.