Manufacturing Program

No. of strands:

from 2 up to > 23.000 (depending on the bulk cross section)

Wire sizes:

from 0,018 mm up to 0,500 mm

52.5 AWG up to 24 AWG

Enamel build:

Grade 1 up to Grade 3 (acc. to IEC)

Single to Triple Build (acc. to NEMA)

Class 3 to Class 0 (acc. to JIS)

Invidual customer specifications

Enamel types:

Mod. Polyurethane, Polyesterimide

On customer request also + Nylon overcoat + bondable

See a comparison of different enamels

from 0,80 mm up to 140 mm

according to customer specifications "S" or "Z" lay

Cross section:
without covering:up to 8,0 mm²
with covering: up to 6,2 mm²
Covering material:

without additional covering:textile