Litz Wire

The product:

ELEKTRISOLA litz wire is made of several strands of enamelled magnet wire that are bunched or stranded together. It is used where losses caused by the skin- and proximityeffect on a single wire are too high due to the operating frequency. At the same time the operating temperature is reduced by its use. Litz wire has much greater mechanical flexibility than a single wire with the same cross-section.Here you find different constructions


- deflection yokes,
- flurocescent lamp ballast,
- hearing aids,
- identification systems,
- inductive heating elements,
- magnetic loading,

- power supply units,
- proximity switches,
- repeating coils,
- transformers and choking  coils,
- ultrasonic generators


Advantages- individual configuration,
- topical and consumption near disposition strategies,
- flexibility and speed in the complete business process
- worldwide presence

- active customer support nearby
- high degree of process control
- complete production process out of one hand