COPPER NICKEL ALLOY - CuNi44 (Constantan)

General Description

Due to high tensile strength and increased resistivity values, ELEKTRISOLA copper nickel alloy wires are the first choice for applications as resistance wires. With the different nickel amount in this product range, the characteristics of the wire can be chosen according to your requirements. Copper nickel alloy wires are available as bare wire, or enamelled wire with any insulation and self-bonding enamel. Furthermore, litz wire made of enamelled copper nickel alloy wire are available.


  • Very low thermal coefficient of resistance
  • Higher resistance than copper
  • High tensile strength
  • Good bending proof performance 


  • Heating applications
  • Resistance wire
  • Applications with high mechanical requirements
  • Others

Typical values

Tensile strength[N/mm²]220-270290-370310-380320-380500-550520-680
Yield strength at 1% elongation[N/mm²]120-180140-230150-240160-250310-380400-500
Bending proof performance[%]100125145160390350
Resistance (IACS)[%]10034171163
Thermal coefficient of resistance[1E-6/K]3900-40001000-1600500-900350-400150-200-80 - 40
Solderability[-]goodgoodgoodgoodgoodno conventional soldering